Tuesday, 20 July 2010

To Google or not to Google

This morning, no. 1 son had a Mufty day in school and being the quirky individual he is decided to wear a shirt and tie (neckties are cool, y'know..).  So he came down dressed, with his tie perfectly tied.  Now we don't go in much for formal dressing in the Harmon household, though Paul does wear suit, shirt and tie for work, and I wondered when Andy had learned to tie a tie, given that the opportunity had never really arisen.  

Me - "Where'd you learn to tie a tie?"
Andy - "The internet"
Me - "Oh.........."

I admit... we are a googling family.  There's always a device within hands reach and instead of remembering or figuring out, we google.  
"How old was he when he died?" - Google
"How do you finish this level?" - Google
"What will get this stain out?" - Google
"What's the weather like in Lanzarote?" - Google
It's allowed us to dodge many an argument, and has to be said, proved me right on many an occasion.  But this time, it just made me sad.  

This generation doesn't think they can learn anything from their parents that they can't learn on the internet quicker, simpler and more accurately.  And I'm sad to say, I partially agree.  But where's the tradition in that?  I remember when I started secondary school and my dad thought me how to tie my school tie.  And every time I tie a tie, it brings back that memory.  Andy won't have that.

I know that Andy's not quite the typical, he's been computer-savvy since a very young age and his Mac is his god.  It's just his "thing".  But I hope he realises that someone had to put the information there and that they probably learned how from their parents.

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  1. We're just the same!

    A very rude word came up on the Mitchell and Webb show last night which made me blush. 14 year old son asked what it meant and I was very relieved to cough, hide behind the paper and say "Google it"