Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Smug Parent

I recently read a post by Paula at Battling On categorising parents according to different traits.  I found it funny and interesting and saw many characteristics of other parents I knew.  However I never commented nor tweeted what kind of parent I thought I was for one reason.... I didn't want to appear smug!  You see, despite being a Control Freak, as soon as I read the first definition, The Perfect Parent, I felt it was me!  See, now you think I'm conceited and smug too, don't you?  

Yesterday, we had Learning Review Day at the lads school.  Andy is in Year 9, heading into his GCSE year in September.  Joe is a year behind.  Learning Review Day is similar to Parent's Evening, but we only speak to their Form Mentor/Class Teacher.  Andy's mentor is a wonderfully quirky lady, very outspoken and honest, the kind of woman you want looking out for your kid in the playground and definitely not someone you'd have to square up to.  She said such admiring things about Andy, complimented him on his manners, his behaviour and his effort.  She said we should be proud of how well we'd brought him up.
Joe's mentor is almost a boy which may explain why Joe gets on so well with him.  Joe's results exceeded their targets in every subject... except P.E. (well, he IS his mother's son!).  His mentor said Joe was a pleasure to have in class and that his behaviour and attitude couldn't be any better.
So needless to say, I was beaming.  I almost cried I was so proud.  Proud of myself and Paul for the job we'd done bringing up the boys, but also proud of them for all the work they'd put in at school and growing in gentlemen.

So that's why I see myself as The Perfect Parent.... at the moment.  I know all good things come to an end. I know one day I'll be cleaning Joe's puke from the bathroom floor and one morning, I'll find Andy asleep outside the door after a late night and forgetting his key.  As they grow older, I don't doubt they'll break hearts, drink too much, skip classes, miss deadlines and slam many a door.  And on those days you'll find me sitting in a corner, with a glass of wine, looking back on old school reports and reminiscing.

But please, for now, let me bask in the glory of my smug Perfect Parent status.


  1. I think you are perfectly entitled to be smug right now :D Hey, I know you might be cleaning up their sick later on, as long as YOUR sick doesn't join them then you are ok :D Jen
    PS, won't be around for twiz tomorrow night, catch you during the week :)

  2. My son is a little angel at school, but turns into a devil almost the second he walks out the place. We tried telling the teachers what he can be like but they sit there with a mystified look on their faces, obviously not recognising it as the same child!

  3. @jen - nothing would give me more pleasure than teaching my lads how to live it up Paula-style, so there's every chance I could be puking with him! won't be around tonight myself, though no #fridaytwiz for two weeks anyhow.

    @kate - ah, street angel and house devil. wouldn't you much rather have it that way round than the other?

  4. Oh, you have every right to be a Smug Parent...and as you know you're in very good company!!

    I am so delighted to read this...fabulous news!

    But Drinking and girls?? As a wise man once said...FECK!! xx Jazzy

  5. Be smug for as long as you can, I say - sounds like you have every right to be proud of them! They will make mistakes like everyone else, but they'll still be your boys and you'll always be proud of them - and quite right too.