Sunday, 25 July 2010

10 Things We Didn't Know About Me (Until Now..)

Having always been the last the be picked on the school basketball team (no surprise, I could never remember which end to shoot), I love being picked for things I can actually do! So when Catherine at Baby Genie picked me for this meme, I was pleased... no, honoured to oblige.

1. What is your earliest memory?
I've a terrible memory so a lot slips through the net.  But I do remember, when I was about 5 or 6, I had a Rupert the Bear toy, what had elastic on the hands and feet so I could attach it to my body and he could dance with me.  I was Strictly Ballroom every day in my back yard!

2. What is your idea of an ideal Saturday?
Because the OH works the weekends, Saturdays are pretty much normal days, so my ideal is up early with the lads and top to bottom housework.  I have this "thing" where I hate to do housework when there's no-one else in the house, so as a family we get it all done on Saturdays.  We chose music to listen to and hope that Joe The Emo doesn't get to play his selection.  Then we have lunch and veg the rest of the day.  I remember when Saturdays used to be shopping for a new outfit, lunch with friends then the whole evening spent getting ready for the night ahead.  I miss those days.... *sigh.

3. What did you have for dinner yesterday?
Marcaroni cheese... it was vile.  Normal meals take a sabbatical when the boys are away.

4. What is the one thing that really drives you up the wall?
Litter.  It infuriates me! I can't comprehend how anyone can just drop litter on the ground, chuck it out their car window, stub cigarettes and walk away.  Oh, now you've got me all riled up!!

5. What are your best and worst traits?
My best trait is my unreserved abandon, my ability to let go, to dance like no-one is watching.
My worst trait is my stubbornness.  When I think I'm right, I'll fight my corner to the bitter end.  
When I'm wrong but I think I'm right, I'll fight my corner to the bitter end.

6.  Favourite takeaway food?
At the moment, it's pizza.  Though that'll change the next time I have chinese...

7. What has been the most unexpected thing to happen as you’ve grown up?
That's a difficult one.  I'm not sure anything has been unexpected.  I think, maybe, the one thing that struck me since I've had kids has been how much me world revolves around them.  Not just when they are babies, when they need constant care but right into their teenage years and all the changes in their lives.  I worry about them as much today as I ever have.

8. What was your favourite subject at school?
Music.. I loved music.  I had the sweetest music teacher and she instilled a love of music that has remained with me all these years.  I would have loved to have gone on to be a music teacher myself, but alas it wasn't to be.

9. Favourite book?
The Stand by Stephen King.  I love reading horror, SK especially, and this is only my favourite because it's such an epic story, beautifully told.

10. What time is an early night for you?  Mine is 9pm so I am getting my skates on!
Early is about 10:30 but it doesn't happen much.  The lads are at an age now where they don't have such a strict bedtime, so sometimes we have to send them off just so we can get to bed!

Well, I hope I've answered each question adequately? I'm not going to tag anyone, as I think this meme has done the rounds already.  And I wish my son and heir would reply to the tag I already sent him!  


  1. I love Stephen King and 'The Stand' is one of my favourites! In fact, I just finished re-reading it the other week.

    Have you read 'Under the dome' yet? Excellent read.

  2. thanks, Elle.. looks like i found my summer read! :D

  3. Good answers Paula, I wish i had the confidence to dance with abandon too.

    I once read a saying "Dance like no-one is watching, Sing like no-one is listening, Love like you've never been hurt"

    I too like horror books, though i'm slighly more drawn to the Sci-Fi end of it.

  4. I LOVED reading this! Thanks for taking on the challenge!
    I also love when you find a new Twitter friend and then you start getting to know each other and have lots in common - maybe why we start getting chatting in the first place, who knows!
    Anyway, I'm waffling!
    I love the team house work, I could eat pizza until it came out of my ears and I am very, very stubborn!

  5. These tags are great ways to get to know people aren't they?! I too loved Rupert the Bear and had a book about him that I brought everywhere with me.

    I enjoyed your previous post on secondary schools...that's something I will be facing soon! Scary! xx Jazzy

  6. I swear I'll do this one, k?